Saturday, August 23, 2008

Census statistics determine Republican and Democrat convention cities

The Republican and Democratic conventions are coming up. The Democrats are meeting August 25-28 in Denver, CO (DEN), while the Republicans will assemble Sept. 1-4 in Minneapolis.-St. Paul (MSP), MN. How did each Party decide where to hold their conventions?

One would think that the Grand Old Party (GOP, or Republicans) and the Democrats (DEMS) would choose states where they hold a comparative advantage; specifically, states in which they hold a majority of the Electoral College. Nope. According to Carl Rove, the pioneer of the Electoral College Map, Obama is favored in Minnesota and there is a toss-up in Colorado. So that’s not it.

One could then focus her attention away from the Electoral College, and toward the average GOP and DEM voter. Listed below are just a few adjectives (phrases) that are commonly used to describe Republicans and Democrats (Click on the table to enlarge):

Perhaps the GOP and DEMS chose their convention cities to appeal to the average voter? I think that we nailed it. Listed below are characteristics of each city, compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau (Click on the table to enlarge).

According to the Census:

- The average person in MSP is wealthier than in DEN and is older in MSP than in DEN.
- A larger percentage of the population holds a bachelor’s degree in MSP compared to DEN, is whiter in SPM compared to DEN, and is older in MSP compared to DEN.
- The annual payroll for Health Care and Social Assistance is greater in DEN than in MSP.

Admittedly, there are facts that don’t fit, the % of population that is veteran is larger in DEN than in MSP and the % of population that is female and not married is larger in MSP than in DEN. However, the number of characteristics that do fit outweigh the number that don’t.

It looks like the GOP made a good decision on Minneapolis-St.Paul. Not only does it describe well the characterized Republica, it also has a large share of registered voters. Minneapolis-St.Paul, with its 84.5% registered in the previous election is a better choice that Denver, where only 74.2% were registered.

Perhaps McCain can woo the SPM Electoral College; stranger things have happened.

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  1. Can trace the larger veteran population in Denver to the number of available military bases in the area. Retired veterans do try to live near a base from at which they can use commissary, exchange, medical benefits.


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