Thursday, November 20, 2008

FDIC spends a little in California

Below-the-radar fiscal stimulus spending: FDIC opens up a temporary office in Irvine, California and will hire "non-permanent employees and contractors". From the FDIC:
"The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) today announced it will open a temporary office in Irvine, California, to manage receiverships and to liquidate assets from failed financial institutions primarily located in the western states.

This office will act as a temporary satellite of the FDIC's resolutions and receivership operations. Through out its history, the FDIC has used these offices to keep our temporary asset resolution staff closer to the concentration of failed bank assets they oversee.

After conducting a thorough search and competitive bidding process in the southern California market, the FDIC entered into a lease for 200,000 square feet of space located at 40 Pacifica Place, in Irvine. The location and lease were determined to be the best value for the FDIC, considering mission, price and other qualitative criteria listed in our solicitation. The term of the lease is for three years, with two one-year options.

The FDIC will hire non-permanent employees and contractors to meet the workload needs of this office based on the number of closings that occur west of the Rockies, the number of receiverships and the post closing workload.

Grubb and Ellis advised the FDIC on the search. The FDIC expects to gradually move into the space starting at the end of December."
Rebecca Wilder

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  1. Interesting location...unemployed talent, good transportation hub, lots of competitive space and the Governor/Terminator all there. And, it does not add permanently to the retirement program of the government.


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