Monday, December 15, 2008

My faves for the day (December 15, 2008)

From Calculated Risk, RE: Auto Bailout, No Word on Auto Bailout: “It sounds like the administration might be considering some sort of prepackaged bankruptcy, with the government providing DIP (debtor-in-possession) financing.”

RW: Filing for Chapter 3 –get it?

From WSJ’s Marketbeat, Watching the Dollar’s Weakness: “The pullback in the U.S. currency bears watching, but the reasons behind the move at this point are vague. Technical action and the tendency for investors to restrict trading at the end of the year may be exacerbating moves, but some believe the dollar is headed toward another round of weakness."

RW: Well, the dollar only has plenty of macro fundamental as to why it would DEPRECIATE! It was going up that didn’t make sense.

From HSH Blog, Good News for Renters: “Supporters praised the GSE for aiding renters who have continually held up their end of the bargain against landlords who have not. Fannie expects the program to initially help 4,000 renters. According to analysts, approximately 70,000 renters faced eviction in recent months, despite keeping up with monthly payments.”

RW: I wonder how F/F will price the rentals? I would want a steep discount – it would be like the USPS running the complex. Long lines and bad service!

Seriously, I love Political Humor by Radioactive Liberty, DemTools: Holiday Gift Ideas:

From WSJ Real Time Economics, Deep CPI Drop Seen Tuesday: “Economists reckon housing starts and building permits — also due Tuesday morning — continued to drop in November.”

RW: Why is this news? I mean, duh!

RW: And what do the U.S. and Japan have in common? Cash and carry trades (not usually, but they do now)!

From Across the Curve, Closing Comments December 15 2008:“As the funds rates plunges toward zero and with a high degree of probability that the FOMC will anchor the rate at zero for a protracted period of time there is a macabre cash and carry trade underway. For the moment inflation is quiescent.”

RW: I will never think of inflation in the same way again – quiescent…way to go John Jansen – your vocabulary is better than mine!!!!!!

RW: And just in case you were wondering, the as always classy Fox tells us the following: Cameron Diaz: Don't Count on Seeing Me in 'Shrek' Musical.

Oh, I miss the West! Blizzard with Butterfinger and RESEE's peanut butter cups. From Kerry Hawkins Photo and Design, Dairy Queen, Benson, AZ:


  1. great blog! I found your comments on the monetary base vs. money multiplier very useful. thanks!

  2. DQ - chocolate covered cherries and pumpkin pie - 2 more favorites. You can drown your sorrows in them. What happened to DQ in the east? Nice picture, by the way.
    The $$ report comes out in minutes and we are already braced for 0%.

  3. Thanks for the link Rebecca. I think The DemTools catalog is some of Les James's best work to date.

  4. Rebecca,

    That Al Gore "advertisement" may be one of the funniest things I've seen -- reduce the size of your foot, reduce the size of your footprint -- priceless.

    Thanks as always for the link.

    Love the faves,



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