Saturday, December 20, 2008

What should I get my husband for Christmas?

I am not going to blog about economics today. There is a snow storm blowing through Massachusetts - makes me think more of Christmas than economics - and I need to go shopping. I ask for your help - what should I get my husband for Christmas?

A little background. Matthias is deaf compared to me - he listens to the television (the big HDTV on the main level) at a volume that can be heard in Alaska (I live in MA). This is problematic for me, as I go to bed very early (to blog for you all at 5am) and hear the volume emanating from the room below. So, Matthias is relegated to watching TV in the downstairs bedroom, where we have a nice Sony tube TV (bought it in college).

So here is what I was thinking: (1) new HDTV for the bedroom downstairs, or (2) super nice wireless headphones for the TV in the main room.

What do you all think? I am also open to suggestions for alternative gifts (he usually responds well to the electronics, as he would never go out and buy them for himself).

Thanks! Rebecca


  1. RW: I can only answer your question, with the paucity of detail, from my perspective.

    Forget the couch potatoe masher....

    If Matthias is at all athletic, invest in a very good quality (anything above a certain level is waste) bicycle! And one for yourself.

    I suspect you'll find them (pre-built) at exceptionally good prices right now. Second-hand is usually the best if you know what you're buying, but make sure the frame is built of Reynolds, Columbus or Tange tubing. This is the level of a serious machine, one that will *flatter* your performance.

    If you wish more detail, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Intimate apparel can make a fun Christmas I leave that as a 'stocking stuffer' idea...but for enduring health and possibly one of the most enduring romantic and sensible investments ever, consider a good machine.

    Be warned though! Beyond a certain level of quality, it rapidly becomes a diminishing return. You should be able to get as good a machine as you'd ever need for day-excursion and touring for about $500-$700 each.

    I'd suggest contacting one of the local cycling clubs for advice, if you need someone to check over your purchase.

    I know NYC has a very extensive network of cycle paths, and Boston has an extensive commuter train network. Using trains to 'get out there' and cycle from 'the end of the line' to another line is a great way to achieve both mental and physical fitness without even trying. Perhaps easy for me, it is necessary for me to remain hyperthyroid for the rest of my life (it keeps me alive, post Thyroid Cancer), but it is a thrill to cycle that is unless you fly in your dreams. The Endorphins play a good part in that...

    Whatever, prices are very good right now.

    All I want for Christmas is Spring!

  2. Get him a pair of running shoes. Exercise has to be fun, so make sure that he doesn't feel discomfort in his feet or knees when he's working out. If he feels pain, he might need to go to a podiatrist and get some orthodics.

    Also get a pair of spenco insoles for added cushioning. That should take care of any imbalance.

    Also, it would help to go to a running shoe store where there are professionals that can recommend what type of shoe he might need.

    Walking is easy because it's convenient. (my old man holds 2nd place in the world in his age group for the 400 meters, he was also on the Board of the American College of Sports Medicine). I got lots of advice.

    As for TV, get ATT satellite (America's "everything" pak), the music channels are the best)

  3. Hi Flow5 and Stephen.

    Thank you for your advice! I agree - active is the best way to go. Biking - I really want a new bike. The German kind, basket and all. But Matthias, not so much. Running shoes are a really good idea. But what about golfing? Matthias wants to learn the sport - me, too. Perhaps a little started kit there.

    Thank you both, really.


  4. Really, you should have your husband fitted for orthodics regardless. They provide surprising comfort. The Doc across the street invented the arch support for Dr. Shoals. That was his advice.

  5. that should have been Scholl's

  6. Hey Rebecca,
    Get a new HDTV for the downstairs room for your guests that Matthias can use when it is not occupied. Then, the main floor ceiling does not reverberate to the beat of talk TV or western gunfire. Rabbit ears do not look good and you'll have to get a converter box anyway for that old TV because of the new broadcast standard. Are they harping on that every day back east?
    I agree, something in the golf lesson line would be fun for both of you. Suggest you consult your brother and father for further advice.

  7. Why dont you stop blogging and get a life? That way you will not have to hear your husband at 5 am. just a suggestion......


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