Monday, January 26, 2009

More bad news in the labor market this morning

The ubiquitous theme: job cuts

Tata’s Corus to Cut 3,500 Jobs in U.K., Netherlands

Caterpillar to Cut 20,000 Jobs; 2009 Forecast Trails

Sprint Nextel Cutting 8,000 Jobs to Fight Off Slump

ING Cuts Jobs, Replaces Chief Executive, After Loss

Rebecca Wilder


  1. Are we keeping a running count? Where else is a well-run company going to cut? Payroll is the biggest drag on the bottom line so... Just part of the big circle of what goes around, comes around. It is too bad that is the way it has to be but almost everyone is going to pay for conspicuous consumption, except the CEO's who got us into this.

  2. Don't forget 8,000 at Pfizer, 7,000 at Home Depot, 2,000 at GM, and 1,000 at Starbucks...It just keeps getting better and better.

  3. I know, I clearly posted too early in the am.

    Thanks, Tim!

  4. Rebecca,
    Guess what? There are more.... No way you will capture them all as they keep happening and happening - glad you started the count! aj


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