Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My faves for the day (January 28, 2009)

Today I am in a feisty mood, so the sarcasm may be a little thick. Please read tomorrow in the AM if you are averse to such behavioral shifts.

Gotta love the unions! From HSH Blog, UAW Ends Unprecedented Benefits: "I’m sure there isn’t one person among us who would mind getting paid even when there’s no work to be done. Sounds like vacation right?"

And I just love, and I mean, love this post title from WSJ Marketbeat, Fed Does Not Lower Rates, Opts for Really Long Statement. It’s almost like Fed officials were sick and tired of writing those darned statements, so they went by the book on this one. Gotta hate the new lackadaisical Fed. And by the way, what is the WSJ’s intended meaning here?: “The Fed’s statement clocked in at 411 words, not including the paragraph that lets everyone know who voted for what; compare that with the August 5, 2008 statement, which was just 181 words, again not including the roll call.”

RW: CONFUSED! But wait, we are talking about the Fed, here.

Bing – I love this guy; blogs whatever the heck that he wants….and for Fortune, no less. Here’s his latest from How do they sleep?: “What kind of people make these decisions? And if somebody were to throw them out of a window, would their injuries be covered?”

I love it, the WSJ is totally feeling my pain today, from The Lone Dissenter: Lacker Wants to Buy Treasurys: Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker, a proud dissenter in prior years, is back. He voted against today’s Fed decision, not for keeping rates steady but for only inching toward buying Treasury securities. The FOMC post-meeting statement said Mr. Lacker “preferred to expand the monetary base at this time by purchasing U.S. Treasury securities rather than through targeted credit programs.”

I really like this blog,, Dennis Kucinich’s Date With Karen Silkwood: “Instead of nationalizing banks, we should nationalize the money system by placing the Federal Reserve under the U.S. Treasury… I’ll soon be introducing legislation to accomplish this.”…And Boom2Bust, “Good luck… and watch your back.”

RW: I think that Jackson would have liked this idea!

In a feisty mood? Read Stefan Karlsson’s blog, Say What?: “OK, now let's see here, some economist by the name of Harm Bandholz have discovered that real M2 growth does not correlate with current economic activity, as measured by the index of coincident indicators. From that he concludes that it should not be included in the index of leading indicators. Huh? Since when is the index of leading indicators supposed to correlate with current activity?”

A travesty defined: Postal Service May End Saturday Delivery: “Massive deficits could force the post office to cut out one day of mail delivery per week, Postmaster General John E. Potter told Congress on Wednesday. "If current trends continue, we could experience a net loss of $6 billion or more this fiscal year," Potter said. If this happens, Netflix will indeed need to start turning around delivery on Saturdays.”

RW: Great. In the middle of a severe recession, and I am worried about Netflix. They better start to vamp up their operations. You know, returning on Friday is the same as Saturday, and that better not change or else I am canceling my account……….okay, maybe not. What is your current favorite show?

The deficit spending almost officially begins: from Calculated Risk, House Passes Stimulus Plan

And finally, my favorite moment of my faves for the day: Kerry Hawkins Photography!

I love this one. It looks like a cloud!

Rebecca Wilder


  1. In the middle of sleet, snow, icicles and all the cold stuff out your way - look! it IS a cloud!
    Since when did anything the FED or gov't say make sense!!

  2. Rebecca,

    When I heard the news about the Postal Service considering cutting their work week by a day I had two reactions:

    1. I guess this is the beginning of the end for mail persons...While some mail may always have to be delivered by hand, the killer of many industries (known as the internet) is probably going to make Postal Service largely unnecessary. Since I've converted to online bill pay I rarely ever need to mail letters (I'll refrain from divulging into the lost art of letter writing).

    2. Hahaha, and then I thought, hey I just signed up for Netflix, "they better keep delivering mail on Saturdays!" Never count out self preservation (aka selfishness).

    As always, the link is extremely appreciated.



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