Monday, April 13, 2009

Did the Chinese government develop the U.S. website?

Today, I was researching the monies that have been appropriated to bailout the auto industry, the banking system, the shadow banking system, the economy, and much, much more. But that's not the point here. I want to draw your attention to the Treasury's new Financial Stability homepage, which claims to provide the American people with information about the Obama Administration's efforts to stabilize our financial system. Here's the homepage on 4/13/09 at 1:40pm:

Notice the section titled Latest News: is 2 weeks old still considered latest news? And furthermore, the latest news paints an overly rosy picture of the government's plan to ensure financial stability. This isn't Communist China.

Update: Does the Treasury read this blog? Because they changed the homepage one day after this article was published to represent more up-to-date rosy statements regarding the Financial Stability Plan!

Rebecca Wilder


  1. Well..., not unless you mistake some of those acronyms for something from your take out menu. Thanks gov-ness there is a decoder. Yes, that's what it is called! A decoder for all those acronyms that might eventually make it to the Scrabble dictionary. I know that some of the more common "naughty" words can now be played at the kitchen table. To discover the subtleties between TIP and TARP, visit:
    What's this? I just broke open a fortune cookie with a stock symbol for a message. But it doesn't say whether to BUY or SELL. Perhaps there is a clue here. The oriental way? Hold and prosper, or just HOLD. Oh..., my mistake. I was reading it upside down.

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  3. It is obviously not of great importance to keep it current but just a sop to the public's concern - too bad this isn't an election year when they would at least maybe make it relevant.


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