Thursday, May 14, 2009

Banks serving as crack dens?

Slate Magazine is funny sometimes. I was attracted to an article titled, Banks, RebornWhen banks become funeral homes, churches, and strip clubs. Immediately, I thought of many buildings around Boston that previously served as banks but have since been reformed into office space, or even residential housing. But this is what Slate sold:
Old bank buildings can accommodate all kinds of new activities. In Newark, N.J., for example, former banks have become crack dens and homeless shelters. In the South Bronx, N.Y., and Chicago, they have been reborn as funeral homes, stores, and community organization centers. In Detroit, many are now churches. In South Los Angeles, the Pacific National Bank became an office for the city's housing authority.
Yup, first on the list of "all kinds of new activities" is the fact that some are now crack dens. Classy.

Rebecca Wilder

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  1. Good 'ol Newark N.J. -- improving it's reputation one article at a time...


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