Monday, July 13, 2009

My faves for the day (July 13, 2009)

Here is a shortened version of my faves for the day (no commentary included). But everyday I read articles, especially at blogs that are not as "well known" (some also well known) as the ones that we all read, that are definitely worth a mention.

Daily Source 7/13 (Freude Bud at open source geopolitics blog - great medley of international affairs)

The national debt road trip (Prieur du Plessis at Investment Postcards from Cape Town blog)

Studies in Agglomeration (Ryan Avent at the Bellows blog)

The Ascent of Money (Kevin Press at the Today's economy blog)

Gov't Spending Spike and 15% Less Revenue = Lots of Red (Jake at Econompicdata blog)

Top 10 Scientific Music Videos - yup, They Might Be Giants is listed....unfortunately, not "Flood", though, because that is not about science.

Rebecca Wilder

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