My faves for the day (July 15, 2009)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

15 Ways to Fix the World (The Atlantic)

Too good to last (Garth Turner at the Greater Fool blog); note this is about Canada's housing market.

Chinese Reserves: Boiling Over Again (Rachel Ziemba at Brad Sester: Follow the Money blog)

And a related Upward pressure on the yuan returns (Economist Free exchange blog)

Declaration of Independence (Andrew Cassel at the Data Points: The Dismal Scientist blog)

Mixed Signals (Mehrsa Baradaran at The Conglomerate blog); It is not a surprise that markets are mixed - the US has not experienced this level of financial uncertainty since the 1930's.

Helicopter Wen? (Macro Man blog)

Job Hunting Tips for Those over Age 50 (Tim Manni at HSH Associates blog)

Is a value-added tax in your future?
(Yyves Smith at Naked Capitalism blog)

SPACE PHOTOS THIS WEEK: Lightening, Star Twins, and More (National Geographic News)

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