Saturday, September 19, 2009

Financial Crisis Criminals

... according to Time Magazine:


  1. The list is woefully inadequate. I don't see:
    Dick Cheney
    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    Grorgio Hugo Balestrieri
    David Rockefeller
    Nicholas Rockerfeller
    Larry Silverstein
    Henry Kissinger
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Richard Perle
    Prince Phillipe
    Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos
    Tony Blair
    Machmood Achmed
    George Bush Sr
    Donald Rumsfield
    Condalesa Rice
    Colon Powel
    General Richard Myers, Chairman
    Rudy Gulliani
    Norman Minetta
    Porter J. Goss
    Bob Graham
    Dick Armatage
    Mark Grossman
    George Tennant
    Arlen Spector
    Stephen Steinhauser

    Who'd I miss?

  2. How about the all those who did nothing in the face of obvious problems (irregularities)?

  3. Hi Aunt Jane!

    I missed you! Greenspan and Cox are explicitly mentioned, but there is certainly a very long list that belong in jail (playing on the theme in the picture).

    Do you remember that Taibi article a little while back? I am sure that he would put all Goldman Sachs influence (Paulson is there) on the list...

    Thanks for stopping by! R

  4. Touche, William.

    Thanks for the expanded list, of which I am sure could go on for miles. China's on the list, but what about Japan?


  5. Rebecca, there's someone else Time magazine conveniently forgot to blame. Who could it be? Hint. Hint.

  6. Great post Rebecca! Name the names!

    All the Central Bankers, especially those in the USA knew. Where's Janet Yellen?

    Add to this list, the courtier economists -- the Paul Krugman's of this world -- all of whom are clueless about money, credit and economics.

  7. Hey, Rebecca!
    I read everything you post - may not comment, though...
    And the list goes on - I'm not good with remembering the names of the players y'all have brought up but keep'm coming!


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