Monday, September 26, 2011

Rebecca Wilder is moving to the EconoMonitors

I've decided to migrate News N Economics over to my new blog, The Wilder View, on the Roubini EconoMonitors platform.

Really, I jumped at the opportunity to contribute as part of the EconoMonitors blogging network! Both the audience and the blogging community there are geared toward international macroeconomics and finance.

EconoMonitors, while it is a Roubini Global Economics Project, is free. All you have to do is change your RSS feed and you're good to go. There's no difference to any normal blogging site (like News N Economics). I'll continue to post all matters related to Europe and the global economy at The Wilder View, so it's really no different to what we've got here at News N Economics.

The only drawback from my readers' perspective is that you will no longer receive Emails of my latest posts. I would recommend that you follow me on Twitter as an alternative!

Here is the critical information:

New blog address: The Wilder View at the EconoMonitor platform.

New RSS feed for The Wilder View

And as always, please contact me via Email with any concerns, questions, or just salutations! (

Thank you for all of your support since 2007 at News N Economics! But it's not over - The Wilder View will be even better!

Rebecca Wilder

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